##With an NPS survey, you acquire the important knowledge Loyal customers. Who buys your products and services over and over again is extremely valuable to your business. Of course, because they continuously contribute to your sales and remain a customer even though you most likely have competitors who attract with one campaign after another.

With that in mind, you should work actively to make sure that your customers feel well taken care of and stay with your company. But how do you know that customers are satisfied with everything from assortment to quality and service in all parts of the company for ordering and delivery? ##NPS measures customer loyalty and identifies ambassadors. Net Promoter Score, shortly NPS, is a method to measure how loyal a customer is and how willing it is to recommend your company to its contacts. In short, be an ambassador who, based on their own loyalty and strong relationship with your brand, chooses to recommend your company to colleagues as well as loved ones. Extremely valuable!

So what is NPS and how does that method work? NPS is simply an index that is calculated based on the answer to a question: Would you recommend | the company | to a colleague or a friend?

This question is answered on a scale from 1-10 where the lowest grade 1 means that it is not at all likely to make a recommendation, and 10 thus means that it is very likely. Customers and their responses are divided into three categories: 0-6 is described as a Detractor 7-8 are designated as Passive 9-10 are referred to as Ambassadors ##Measure over time, identify trends and find out how you can get better as a supplier. An important tip along the way is to measure NPS over time instead of focusing on one point. Identify the trend in how NPS develops and work on finding out why it is changing. Get in touch with critics and listen to any improvements in service, quality or whatever it takes to recommend your company! How can you improve their and everyone else's customer experience? ##One Survey is a smart survey tool Of course, it is important to choose a smart tool for the survey. A tool that is easy to handle to create and send out questionnaires as well as can automate the collection of answers, create compilations and thus facilitate analysis. With iP1 One survey, you get all these parts in one tool. In addition, you can send out surveys via text message, a smart way because it contributes to simplicity and a high response rate.