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What is CSI?

Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) is a proven way to gain insights into both customer loyalty and satisfaction. With CSI, you can measure how your brand has performed over time and how well you stand in relation to others in the industry. It is a great way to see what improvements you can make to get an edge on your competitors, or get a confirmation that what you are doing already works for your customers.

Using One Survey and Customer Satisfaction index, you are now able to take the temperature of your relationships with your customers via several channels. The answers given to the survey result in a CSI value, which you can use to compare your company with other companies in your business.

When you choose to send a responsive survey via several channels, you lower the barriers and make it easier for your customers to quickly answer questions concerning your business.

Customer Satisfaction Index

CSI as a model is intended to answer three questions that are approximately equivalent regardless of industry


How satisfied a customer / member is with the business as a whole


How well the business lives up to expectations


How close the business compares to an ideal business in the same industry

The survey can of course be supplemented with both general questions that take the temperature of the customer satisfaction, and also more specific questions that focus on services bought or used. The questions can, for example, be based on the fact that you want to increase the your customers liking of your brand or a specific service.

How do you perform an CSI survey?

One Survey is an online survey tool that allows you to create and send CSI surveys in matter of minutes. Sign up for an account, create your surveys with our ready-to-go CSI templates, add your recipients and press send!

A responsive survey is sent to your customers via SMS, e-mail or static links. By presenting a survey through many different channels at once, your audience will grow rapidly and therefore you will achieve a far greater response rate. The customer then answers the questions by choosing a number between 1-10, where 10 is the highest rating.

How do you calculate Customer Satisfaction Index?

Our report system does the work for you! When you have sent your survey, you are able to view the surveys report with pre-defined graphs that gives you exactly the data your need.

With our report filtering function you are also able to narrow down your results depending on recipient data, or depending on which score your customers entered. If you are reusing your survey you will also be able to see your score over time.

How Do You Interpret The Results of a CSI Survey?

When the survey is answered, you get a CSI value that ranges from 0 to 100, which provides a good basis for insights about customer satisfaction. The higher the number, the more satisfied your customers are. The index is used to see how you stand compared to other competitors in the industry, but also to compare your own results and developments over time. If you do your research via iP1, the CSI value is automatically calculated for you.

> 80Very high
70 - 80High
62 - 69Acceptable
50 - 61Low
< 50Very low

Customer Satisfaction Index using One Survey

The most important part with a survey is that it should be easy to participate. Here is an example how a Customer Satisfaction Index could look like using One Survey.

One Survey offers you a specifc CSI question type which comply with the industry standard. Once you have added the specific question type, our report system will automatically calculate and present a CSI Score. One Survey also allows you to combine different types of questions with question logic so that you can ask your customer follow up questions on a high or low score.