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Customizable surveys suiting your needs

With our survey editor, you will be able to create customized surveys for a wide range of applications. Choose between a load of survey question types, as well as question type options, in order to create the perfect survey for your case, which gives you the possibility to collect the right kind of data when you need it.

Combine different kind of survey types

The customized survey feature lets you combine different kind of survey types, for example, you can create a survey with questions of your likings and add a specialized NPS question along the other questions, which gives you the opportunity to measure your Net Promoter Score (Read more about Net Promoter Score here). The same applies to both CSI and ESI question types.

Our survey report tool will then recognize the specialize survey type questions and start to calculate a standard NPS, CSI or ESI value for you to benchmark your result with other companies in your line of business.

Save your custom surveys as templates

One Survey lets you create custom surveys and then reuse them, time after time, by creating a survey template. This feature is especially useful if you want to send out surveys that contains small crucial variations in question titles or disclaimers etc., without the, sometimes, bothersome task of creating several almost identical surveys. You can create as many survey templates as you need with ease by the click of a button!