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What is ESI?

Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI), is a survey that measures how satisfied employees are in the workplace. By doing an employee survey, you take care of your staff by getting a better understanding of their everyday life and attitude to the job.

An employee survey helps you make strategic choices, which helps to retain important manpower while at the same time making the company an attractive workplace when recruiting new employees. The easiest way is to send out the survey by SMS. It is personal, and also flexible, because the employee is able to send their answers from their own phone. Surveys are also more accessible by SMS if your employees do not have access to a computer.


Employee Satisfaction Index contains of 3 fundamental questions


How satisfied are you with the workplace?


How well does the workplace meet your expectations?


How is the workplace compared to an ideal workplace?

The survey can of course be supplemented with both general questions that take the temperature of the workplace, and also more specific questions that focus on current goals. The questions can, for example, be based on the fact that you want to increase the commitment of the employees and then investigate what motivates them,(training, mentorship, education).

Why Should You Conduct an Employee Survey?

Engaged employees create more satisfied customers. Having a workplace where everyone is happy and feels good also has a positive effect on the result, because engaged employees put more energy into their job. This energy and satisfaction will also be seen in the image the customer creates of your brand. Evaluating employees' attitudes is not only a win for the work climate but a win for the business. The survey provides a forecast of how the company feels and should be done on repeated occasions, so that you can follow the development going forward.

The Measurement Results in Better Dialogue And Employee Conversations

Through a survey, you get concrete figures concerning how the work environment is experienced by your employees. With the help of the answers, you get an idea of what works well, as well as what points are missing, and what must then be prioritized in the future so that you can be considered a healthy company. Doing a survey also shows that you are a company that takes into account the opinions of employees. The answers can be used for rewarding employee conversations and a better dialogue. Just doing a survey and leaving the results there is not an effective use of the data - use the survey results to have an open discussion afterwards.

Surveys from a managerial, and business management perspective

As a manager and leader, it can sometimes be challenging to know where energy and resources should be put and how these should be prioritized. Regular use of the types of surveys described above gives leadership powerful tools to develop the business. The management team receives feedback on what set strategies provide for outcomes and can more easily link invested resources to measurable outcomes. Managers and leaders find it easier to initiate and lead various activities in order to maintain good results and increase in the areas that need it most.

How Do you Read The Results of an ESI Survey?

Employees choose on a scale between 0-100, where 100 is the highest grade. The value that the survey results in shows how satisfied your employees are. The higher the number, the happier they are. The index is used to see how you stand compared to other competitors in the industry, but also to compare your own results and developments over time. If you do your employee surveys via iP1, the value is automatically calculated for you.

> 80Very high
70 - 80High
62 - 69Acceptable
50 - 61Low
< 50Very low

One Survey and Employee Satisfaction Index

The most important part with a survey is that it should be easy to participate. Here is an example how a Employee Satisfaction Index could look like using One Survey.

One Survey offers you a specifc ESI question type which comply with the industry standard. Once you have added the specific question type, our report system will automatically calculate and present a ESI Score. One Survey also allows you to combine different types of questions with question logic so that you can ask your employees follow up questions on a high or low score.