Development of products, employees, communications, and delivery are crucial to create customer value. And who knows best what customer value is if not your customers and users?

When was the last time you tagged along on a user's journey using your service? When did you take the time to observe what the customer does with your product or how she uses it? When did you sit down with the user to ask, ask again, and listened completely unconditionally to how his or hers' everyday life with your service or product works?

Understanding customers' and users' ways of using your products or services can lead to new insights, possible development areas for existing and new products and, not least, create better benefits and higher value for your users and customers. It can simply teach you what problems and challenges they are struggling with and at the same time create opportunities to deliver smart solutions to them.

Of course, not everyone has the time and opportunity to follow the customers' everyday lives or observe every keystroke a user makes in your services. Then a customer survey is an excellent alternative! The point, of course, is to listen to customers and users. A must is of course also to take care of the result in a smart way. ##Questions, results, analysis and connections. Measures for new solutions.

A customer survey provides the opportunity to ask relevant questions for your business or products. It provides an opportunity to ask questions about various quality factors that customers may rate. The answers will contribute to understanding the customer experience.

When you connect the answers with data for the customers' real behavior in terms of everything from buying patterns, contacts and deliveries to customer complaints, you can make an analysis that can contribute to your company can develop and become even sharper. But then it is important to really take time to compile information and knowledge, to analyze it to be able to identify both problem areas and opportunities for development.

That is with this foundation that the real point of the customer survey is created - the ability to set new goals and measures that meet customer feedback and expectations. ##Do not waste your and your customers' time.

When you choose to conduct a customer survey, you need to be clear about what it is for. Listening to what the customer has to contribute is not enough. Analysis, connections, development areas and action on what you hear and learn, is what drives you and your business forward.

It also creates the opportunity to improve the customer experience and most likely also sales. Therefore, conduct customer surveys when you have the time and opportunity to give the result the reflection and work required to put new processes, products, or methods in motion. ##Create custom surveys for your specific purpose with One Survey

Of course, it is important to choose a smart tool for the survey. With a large variety of question types and question logic, you can create a customer survey that collects data in depth. Read more about the functionality of One Survey, a survey tool that is easy to manage to find out what exactly your customers and users think.