Employees are the company's most important resource. It is a common phrase, which many have pronounced and which many more can sign. But what exactly is a resource in this context?

By resource is meant one or more employees' individual contribution of experience, knowledge and competence, which in its entirety moves the company forward and at the same time contributes to the development of everything from internal working methods, to new methods for sales and creativity in service development. To promote your employees' ability to thrive in the workplace and create a creative environment where each individual can develop and thus drive the company forward, employee surveys are an excellent tool.

An employee survey may include:

  • get feedback on the implementation of new internal projects
  • take the temperature of the work environment and other HR work
  • provide feedback on leadership
  • provide input on work situation, motivation and commitment.

Clear goals and responsibility

For those who are about to initiate a survey with their employees, it is important to define what is to be investigated.Equally important is to formulate the purpose and goals of the survey - how should the answers be analyzed and what should the results be used for, in what way and when?

The content of the above will thus be to have a clear sender and responsible for the survey.And a clear area that the issues address.

When it comes to issues, it is crucial that these are relevant to the employee's everyday life. With Employee Satisfaction Index (ESI) and One Survey, you have a complete survey with related questions, which also gives you a calculated result, all according to the ESI standard.

If you want to measure other values, you can easily add questions about development or improvement of, for example, methods, relationships or working methods. When questions about employees' everyday lives and the group's development are to be formulated, they can be based on, for example, the following:

  • How do we create commitment and enthusiasm in the workplace?
  • What does well-being at work mean?
  • How can we develop teams and relationships between employees?
  • What can the individual himself change and contribute?\n\nWith that question basis, it is possible to create an employee survey that can provide the answers, insights and perspectives needed for development.

High priority and clear benefit

Once you have these two parts in place, a defined area and a pronounced person in charge, as well as questions that can clearly contribute to improvements, it is important to clearly show the priority and value of the survey.

By creating time and commitment for all employees to respond to the survey, there is an opportunity for good response results, which in turn form the basis for analysis, actions and activities for the group to be helped to drive improvement in the ongoing development work.This in contributes to both individual and collective development of everything from relationships to goal fulfillment, well-being, creativity or financial results.

One Survey, a smart survey tool

It is also important to choose a smart tool for the survey. A tool that is easy to handle to create and send out questionnaires as well as can automate the collection of answers, create compilations and thus facilitate analysis. With One survey, you get all these parts in one tool. In addition, you can send out surveys via text message, a smart way because it contributes to simplicity and a high response rate.