Measuring customer satisfaction is a must for a company that wants to maintain a qualitative product portfolio and a strong workforce. This is something that AB Pictura has fully embraced.

AB Pictura is today Scandinavia's largest supplier of greeting cards to the retail trade. In addition to cards, they offer a wide range of gift wrap, stickers, party products and gift items. With the help of One Survey and its flexible interface, it is easy for them to perform customer surveys entirely on their own terms.

-We use One Survey to create and distribute a larger customer survey to 3600 stores. The survey consists of about 4 questions we developed ourselves and are formulated to measure customer satisfaction regarding the treatment from our staff and the quality of our product range, says Krister.

-One Survey is an incredibly easy-to-use survey system for me as a user, where I myself, after a short presentation of the software, was able to create a questionnaire with customized questions. The survey was then sent out via e-mail, he continues.

Once a survey has been conducted, it is important to follow up and to continuously measure customer satisfaction in order to see the development.

-With the built-in reporting system in One Survey, it is easy to see trends and results, we plan to use One Survey to send out customer surveys about 3 times a year to continuously evaluate customer satisfaction, Krister concludes.

One Survey is developed so that you yourself can easily handle the entire flow from creating questions, distributing mailings in different channels to following up results!