Police - a varied and interesting job where you feel that you are making an important contribution to society, but which can also be tough and stressful. An important part of the staff's focus in the Police and that they are supported in their professional role and development is the employee dialogues. These are of course done individually, but part of creating a broad picture of the situation within the business is to also work with employee surveys.

  • This is done, among other things, through employee surveys that are sent out twice a year, says Oscar Svantesson, municipal police Skövde, police area Skaraborg, Sweden. We use these to create a broad picture of the situation, which in turn becomes a basis for further development.

To create, send out and compile these surveys, the Police use One Survey. Now the Police are in an exciting development work with iP.1 where the University of Skövde is also involved. It is about producing an ongoing survey for mailings twice a month.

  • To get a good response rate and answers that are of good quality, it is important to both find a way that is perceived as easy by the recipients to absorb and easy to respond to, says Leif Alvarsson, CEO of iP.1.

In that matter we have a long experience at iP.1 that SMS surveys give a high response rate. Now not only the medium itself is important but of course also how questions are asked and possible answer alternatives are formulated, how the interface looks and to limit the number of questions. All to make it easy and quick for the respondent to participate.

Data collection and high response rate is not the important part of the surveys, but also how the results can be compiled and presented.

  • I feel that iP.1 is a very good partner in this project. We have a good dialogue where they have long experience of contributing to how we can design interfaces and asking questions in a way so that we get a good response rate and reports of good quality as output, says Oscar.

  • It is an extremely exciting collaboration where we have a good discussion about how the answers should be broken down in reports in a way so that it becomes easily accessible both for management and for employees. It is not least important to get a good basis for further measures, says Oscar. - iP.1 is now developing a completely new software precisely to make reports and data even better and adapted to the Police's requirements, says Leif Alvarsson. We know from experience the great advantage that exists in working with surveys via SMS. This is a project that is under development and which will make our tools for collecting and processing information via SMS even better.